Meals on Wheels Programs provide nourishment to our homebound while saving healthcare and taxpayer dollars .....a win, win for all!
  • In the U.S. Age 85+ is the fastest growing population projected between 2000 - 2015 (NYS Office for the Aging 2005)

  • In the U.S. Age 65+ was 12% of the population in 2000, will be 20% in 2030
 (NYS Office for the Aging 2005)

  • One in four seniors are estimated to be nutrionally insecure (people do not have sufficient income to buy food or keep from worrying about buying food) (According to Nutrition Screening Initiative)

  • 50% of older adults in hospitals and Nursing Homes are malnourished. *

  • Malnourished older Americans get more infections, diseases, have longer recovery rates, and higher surgery risks. *

  • Malnourished hospital patients costs 4 times well nourished patients. *

  • Older adults @nutritional risk have 2 to 20 times more complications, 100% longer hospital stays, and compile $2K - $10K higher costs. *

  • Nutrition intervention reduces hospital utilization 25-45%.  (According to Kaiser Permanente in California)

  • Every $1 invested in nutrition programs saves $3.25 in healthcare costs.  (Nutrition Screening Initiative)

  • Seniors in poor nutritional status are more likely to need homecare and eventually institutionalization. *

* Reported by the NYS Coalition on Aging